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We MAKE strategic film content with one aim:

To see your business grow.


Working with Jon was one of the best collaborative experiences I’ve had as a small business owner.

His passion for storytelling is infectious and his ability to capture the essence of my business and the value of the product we offer surpassed all of my expectations.

Our video is truly beautiful and has helped us share with clients our own passion for what we do and why we choose to spend our days doing it. The response has been more than we could have hoped for!
— Jocelyn Pierce, Mayflour Confections

the low-down.


WHAT WE DO: Think of us like doctors.

We perform “check-ups” on businesses, learn about their aches and pains, and prescribe strategic film content to solve those problems so they can thrive.

Even though we technically sell videos, we do much more than that.

We sell time.

We sell awareness.

We sell relationships.

Basically, we help awesome businesses grow.

Because when the right video is made, and put in front of the right people, at the right time…it has a BIG impact.

So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you should totally apply to work with us.


WHY CHOOSE US: You’re an expert at what you do.

And we're experts at what we do.

Yes, you can definitely find video production services cheaper elsewhere.

But we don’t just “make videos” like most run-of-the-mill video producers.

Anyone can shoot footage and slap it together.

We dive much, much deeper.


WHAT IS THE COST: Video isn't really a cost, it's an investment into your business and your brand.

We understand the only thing that really matters to businesses are results, and video is more powerful and more effective than any other piece of content out there.

It drives business, saves time, and impacts people deeply.


OUR APPROACH: Filmmaking allows us to start conversations with strangers and share their amazing stories with the world. And that has a really powerful effect.

Stories are what help us connect to one another. And just like pieces of DRIFTWOOD, each one is entirely unique. But there's one thing they all have in common: the ability to inspire.

That’s why story is at the heart of all our work, and every person, business, or product has one.

While the stories always change, the passion doesn’t. Passion for what our clients do, who they are & what they value. That’s what we capture.

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